YOYO Crying Kamado Nezuko: The Pitiful Look That Curled Up Like A Baby After Beating the Daki

YOYO studio today opened an order of a new crying little Nedouzi resin statue from “Blade of Ghost Slayer”. in which she recovered into a pitiful and cute shape under the comfort of Kamado Tanjiro’s songs after beating the Daki.

The scale of this crying little Nezuko is 1/6 and the length is 15 cm. She huddled up, this petite and exquisite figure is very pampering.

In the side view, Nezuko’s baby-like shape makes people feel pitiful and helpless. but you really can’t imagine her mighty figure when she was domineering and single-handedly killed the Daki!

The face of YOYO’s little Nezuko is well carved, and its restoration is very high, especially the large teardrop with unique painting style in “Demon Slayer” has been perfectly preserved! In addition, the bamboo tube in her mouth had been bitten to pieces during the battle, so when Nezuko calmed down, her rare appearance was without the bamboo tube in her mouth.

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