TRUE Studio ONE PIECE Nika Monkey D. Luffy: The legendary liberator who holds the thunder and lightning!

TRUE Studio released a new product of Nika Monkey D. Luffy GK Figures in “One Piece”, the proportion of which is 1/6 and 1/4 optional, and there are two sets of different colors for clothes.

The whole body of Nika Monkey D. Luffy is wrapped in white flame. He is standing on Kaido’s skull with lightning in his hand. This awe-inspiring look that surpasses the four emperors looks very aura.

Although the standing posture is very simple, the special effects on Monkey D. Luffy can set off the atmosphere very well. In addition to the sharp lightning in the right hand, the red Haki shining on the left hand is also very handsome.

Nika Monkey D. Luffy’s eyes are full of excitement and confidence. It’s not like he’s full of anger at the Four Emperors, it’s more like he can’t hold back his desire to compete with the Kaido in front of him to test his own strength.

In addition, this Nika Monkey D. Luffy’s left hand can also have a replacement part that holds a fruit. What do you mean by rubber fruit? Let’s look forward to it.

From the perspective from the back, the smoke ribbon wrapped around Nika Monkey D. Luffy’s body and the lightning special effects in his hand are very delicately depicted, especially the sharpness of the lightning is depicted super-like!

We have a version in white shorts, as well as a classic look with Nika Monkey D. Luffy in orange shorts. Both versions come with replacements for solid and clear hair.

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