This is an amazing work.

DAYU Studio today opened an order for a Boa Hancock from One Piece’s Thugs in Suits collection. The premium version has a nude replacement.

The work is 46 cm high. Pure black dress and haughty style make her sexy and haughty like a queen. Admirers on the pink explosion of the platform add a gorgeous and warm atmosphere to this cool work.

The backless look and the tattoo on the back are very sexy. The skin on the back is very real in light and shadow. The sexy waist is full of glamour.

Even using natural light from a mobile phone, we can see the studio’s meticulous carving of the back of the work. Every inch of skin exudes sex appeal. People are already excited before they even see the front!

On the front, we can see tube top and high slit fishtail skirt. Plump breasts and delicate abdomen are the highlights of the work.

The delicate lips and silencer pistol give the work the dangerous and sexy of a 007 Bond girl. Cold sights can make countless strong surrender to her!

As well as heart-eyed admirers, there were bullets, hand grenades, scattered diamonds, combination boxes, Thompson submachine guns and other elements from spy movies.

Pink explosions have built-in LED. The ambiguous and colourful effect after lighting is very nice.

In addition to the standard version of the dress styling, the premium version has an extra nude replacement! Super long legs and a voluptuous waist are very beautiful.

The premium version is printed with detailed black lace. It’s not easy to show here, but it’s definitely real.

Black leggings, lace panties, high heels and gloves are very sexy. It’s worth having.

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