The dressing style of Japanese trendsetter look so cool!

HobbyMax today is opening an order for the second work of Asuka Langley Soryu RADIO EVA, the original painting made by Yishamu. Compared with the refreshing dressing style of spring and summer , the autumn and winter look is more gorgeous!

As can be seen from the original painting of Misyamu, RADIO EVA’s autumn and winter series is also a combination of 5 characters. It’s so cool to have everyone wearing coats. This differs somewhat with the concise of series of spring and summer.

The work is 25 cm high. The red black and white collocation is concise and handsome. The loose fleece coat contrasts with the slender legs.

The FILA logo on the chest has a strong retro street style. The red patent-leather shoulder bag, slung across the body, has a strong sense of fashion. On the arm of the  coat, we can see the English “PRODUCTION MODEL 02” in the style of Unit-02.

The cold expression and delicate features are very noticeable. Melancholic light blue eyes match the bleak atmosphere of autumn and winter. Her long hair waving in the autumn wind is also beautiful.

The design of long hair is a big highlight. The flowing hair is very beautiful. The soft and warm fleece coat can also make people feel the cool of the wind of autumn.

Sexy lines were visible under the coat. Shorts paired with patent-leather tight-leg pants are style of Japanese trendsetter. FLIA look great on her feet, too.

The fourth dehumanized form of Unit-02 is designed as an element of the pattern on the sports shoes. The patterns and details are exquisite. The English words “CAN (NOT) ALONE ADVANCEREDO” can be seen on the leg in colorful retro style. The red rag doll on the shorts is also interesting.

Asuka’s NERV flying helmet can also be seen from behind.

The slim legs outlined in leggings with patent leather are very exciting! The drape of knee fossa and shank is depicted meticulously and naturally. In the sole can even see the printing and painting.

Pre-order this Asuka at “Just Toys” and you will receive an acrylic plate of the original painting of the exclusive shop special Yishamu. It is more nice to display with handwork!

The first work Asuka of series of spring and summer of HobbyMax is also reopened an order together. It also comes with the acrylic plate. The pre-order link is at the end of the article below.

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