The beautiful girl who grows in the tank!

Echoes Gallery is opening an order for a 1/6 state of Kawakami Tomie in the scene of the Hospital basement . The limited quantity of the work is not yet determined, but players can pre-order it.

The work is 32 cm high. In the cartoon Kawakami Tomie Basement, the girl grows from a fragment to a whole girl in the cultivating tank

Kawakami Tomie in the tank is full of magical beauty. Floating long hair, slender and delicate body is very nice.

Empty eyes reveal the essence of the monster beneath its beautiful exterior. This work uses transparent material to represent the nutrient solution in the tank. It creates the same refraction of light as a real liquid.

Half of her body comes out from the water. Her hair is directly immersed in the water. The moist texture is very realistic

There are a lot of stains on the sink wall. The filthy scene contrasted sharply with the white skin of the newborn.

The head and viscera on the platform are the body tissues and organs of Kawakami Tomie in other nutrient solution. The brutal nature of killing all but one of the other self is what makes Kawakami Tomie scary and fascinating.

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