Taurus and Gemini of the zodiac wastes: Clay doll with strong mobility.

KEMO has launched two clay dolls in its zodiac collection. Works are made by MK alloy skeleton and encapsulation with ferrite with exclusive patent. The work has great mobility and can replace the head parts of GSC’s clay doll!

Taurus is 12 cm tall. The size of the work is similar to that of the Clay Doll series. The whole body is made of real fabric. Wearing a helmet and holding a skateboard, he is very cute.

The samurai style helmet on the head has two horns. The goggles on the helmet can be removed and worn on the face.

Made of flexible materials, the knee bends without any joint gaps! According to the brand, the new material of body is not sticky and not easy to crack. At the WF exhibition in the first half of the year, I also played with the new material, which has a great feel and strong mobility.

The KEMO doll is coated with an alloy skeleton structure. There are 15 movable parts of the body.

From the perspective of the movable range of the alloy skeleton, the KEMO series is very rich in playability. It makes the clay doll really come alive!

The hat and coat on the top of the head are designed to be taken off, and there are a variety of shapes.

The double ponytail with the helmet off is very cute. The ponytail and backpack have a feel of cute and quiet girl.

The second face sculpture of Taurus has a very interesting expression! Its eyes sparkled.

Gemini is a Japanese girl. There are two small mechanical gods in the accessories, red and blue. And the joint is movable.

So there are three dolls in this set. It is very cost-effective!

The gas mask on Gemini’s face is removable. The hexenbiest style kimono and clogs are very personal.

KEMO can even pose as a standard duck! The mobility of the work is really excellent.

Gemini also has two face sculptures. The white clothes in the picture above has lace!

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