T-Rex Studio Earth Shenron: The Wish Turned Out to Be… Pants?

  • Rex Studio opened an order for a new product of Earth Shenron Statue from the “Dragon Ball” mythical beast series

The height of this dragon is 35 centimeters, its body is coiled and wrapped, and its handsome shape standing upright in the clouds is very anime-style.

The action of Shenron condescendingly and bowing his head, this seems to be listening carefully to the wishes of the summoner in front of him.

Longan has built-in LED lights, and when the LEDs are lit in the dark, you will feel more powerful and domineering.

When the circling shenron tail disappears between the rocks behind, the floating clouds rolled up on the shenron add a bit of fairy air to the statue.

In response to the suggestions of the players, the brand has removed the cloud silk on the side of the dragon’s neck in the picture above, so that the overall effect will be more concise and concise.

If you buy it during the pre-order period, you will get a Dragon Ball accessory, which will be more in line with the original setting of “Dragon Ball” when placed next to the dragon

In addition, you can also add some money, which can increase the purchase of a funny accessory! When he is placed in front of Shenron, it will have a bit of the witty and humorous temperament of Dragon Ball in the early stage of the big adventure.

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