Sky Top Studio Dragon Ball GK:A Super-burning Scene with Variety of LED Lighting Effects.

Sky Top Studio has launched a Son Goku and Son Gohan GK statue with the proportion of WCF. This Dragon Ball classic scene has a super-burning scene and a variety of LED lighting effects.

The size of this statue is only 15x14x23 cm, and the statue is selected from Son Gohan’s final kill VS Cell. The arrogance and smoke rolled upend the special effects of the turtle wave in the scene wonderfully interpret the most classic scene in Dragon Ball.

In the picture, the Kamehameha played by Son Goku and Son Gohan together has built-in LED light, and there are three modes of breathing, flashing and long brightness time to choose from. All the transparent parts of the Kamehameha are made of PU material, and the effect of backlighting is well portrayed.

Although it is a desktop statue, the expressions of Son Goku and Son Gohan in the scene are portrayed vividly! Not only can you see the bulging veins on the arms of the two, but also the scars all over Son Gohan’s body.

In order to highlight the powerful impact of the GK, a transparent special effect piece similar to the manga speediness can be seen behind the two of them, which together with the smoke and luminous arrogance rolled back up, they enhance the aura of this small-sized work to the maximum!

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