S.U.M Studio EVANGELION-02: The Beast Form of “EVANGELION-02”

Today, S.U.M studio opened an order for a new EVA theatrical version of the EVANGELION-02 statue, its shape was designed by the artistic director of Models, Bingshan. Compared with the animation version, this more integrated the author’s personalized original elements. The terrifying atmosphere is very impressive.

With a height of 51 centimeters, this EVANGELION-02 has a stooped, hunched back and a musculoskeletal shape that give it a biological character. Bingshan weakens the armor structure of EVA in design, so the shoulders and legs also have strong muscle lines.

In the EVA animation, the EVANGELION-02 is more biologically wild than the first one. This work amplifies the biological characteristics by strengthening the muscle structure.

The gray-white arms and neck of the EVANGELION-02 clock are stained with dark red blood, and the thick neck and head are connected together. This ferocious face sculpture makes people shudder.

Zoom in to see the cracks in the mouth of this EVANGELION-02 machine extending all the way to the sides of the neck! You can imagine how terrifying it is when it opens its mouth and roars

The shoulder armor plate of the EVANGELION-02 is designed to be a skeleton-like structure. If it is not distinguished by the red painting, the shoulder armor plate can be almost completely integrated with the muscle

lines of the body.

From the rear perspective, the huge body with a sense of strength is full of blood, and the two rows of restraints that lift restrictions can pop out directly from the spine. This kind of picture with morbid and violent aesthetics is very shocking.

With the restraint lifted, the bright red flesh on the giant’s back was lifted to reveal the metal spine in the middle.

In the frontal view, the shape of the chest, abdomen and legs of the EVANGELION-02 aircraft also mixes the elements of muscles and bones. This method of blurring the boundary between the armor and the body makes people feel very fresh visually.

The torn apostle angel shape on the base has also been redesigned by Models, and the blood-stained painting is very heavy.

The design style of the polygonal platform is relatively simple, and there is an English inscription of the EVANGELION-02 machine in the middle of the platform. If the EVANGELION-00 and EVANGELION-01 machines are launched in the same style at the end of the year, the three combinations are still very imposing.

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