Motoko Kusanagi & Taqikema: Motoko has a beautiful girly body and is very handsome!

Two days ago P1S released a new statue of Ghost in the Shell SAC__2045. The girl-looking Motoko looks really cool on a Taqikema. The special edition also has a headsculpture with tactical eyepieces.

The work is 50 cm high. It features two of ghost in the Shell’s most popular characters. Such a design is rare! Apart from the MegaHouse’s two garage kits, this is the first statue of Motoko Kusanagi has been created. For players who like this animation, the work has great collection significance.

Motoko’s sitting posture is very aggressive. Although she looks like a beautiful girl, she still has momentum! Contrast design is really nice!

The left hand can be replaced with two arms, which are the pose of holding a gun and the tactical gesture of “standby” for the rear troops. There are also two replacements for the pistol in the back holster.

The beauty of the head sculpture is very high. The ruddy color of the skin and lips are vivid.

The delicate curves of the cheeks are very vivid. Short hair that blows in the wind is also very attractive.

The special edition has a head sculpture with tactical eyepieces.

The skinny, tight legs are beautifully portrayed. The tightness of the jeans is very realistic.

The rounded lines of the hips and the fleshy effect of the waist make this piece not only handsome but also sexy

Taqikema is also an important attraction. P1S is very good at showing the mechanical sense. The work not only has a strong metallic feel, but also has subtle battle damage scratches.

The arm of the Tachikma can also be replaced with either raised or extended.

Cute in the arms up.

The details of the cockpit and quadruped are also perfect. The two main characters make this sculpture feel like buy one get one free.

Behind him, on either side, are special effects that resemble data in the digital world.

From the perspective of the degree of modeling complexity, the configuration of statue of P1S is relatively simple. It has no replacement of three heads and six arms. In terms of subject matter, it’s really good. Ghost in the Shell has very few statues, and the new Version is the only one! It also comes with a Taqikema. If you can accept a higher price, this work is quite worth collecting!

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