Monster The Second Evolutionary Form of Charizard:A Triple Blaze Attack Sets Its Aura On Fire Straight Away!

Monster Studio opened an order of the second evolution form of Pokémon’s Charizard Anime Statue after Gengar, This version is also divided into Standard and DX. The version of DX comes with a Charizard statue with a torch.

The height of this Charizard is 35 centimeters. The whole scene is shrouded in raging flames. The Charizard looks quite mighty and domineering when it opens its huge wings.

The figure of this Charizard is well portrayed. It not only has strong chest muscles and arms like steel, but also has huge legs like a rock, which is also very eye-catching.

They are the Charmeleon with fire in its mouth and running forward, and the Charmander in a ready sprint position at the bottom of the picture.

From the rear perspective, the huge black rock that bulges upwards and the bursting flames feel very imposing, and you can see the scattered gravel in the firelight.

In the side of the platform, you can also see a firepit in the shape of a Poké Ball.

In addition, this Charizard has built-in LEDs like Gengar. When the LEDs are lit, the effect of the fire on the platform is very shocking!

In addition to the normal version of the fire-breathing dragon evolution main body, you can get a Torch and Charmander statue after purchasing the version of DX. The brazier in the picture above also has built-in LED light effects, which is very interesting to place with the main body.

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