MegaHouse “SPY×FAMILY”: Loid’s Family of Three + Hidden Models Set!

MegaHouse has recently ordered 4 sets of a little three-dimensional scene series “SPY×FAMILY”, including the Loid family of three and a hidden style!

The height of this group of SPY×FAMILY eggs is about 8 cm, and the shape with a little scene is very restore the animation atmosphere. Although the fourth one has not been announced, it is likely to be Anya’s dog named Bond。

The shape of Anya in the suit is full of vitality, and the super happy expression is very suitable for the title of “The King of Melons”. Moreover, the bright yellow light-emitting special effect in the background matches the cute pink hair of Anya very well.

The second is the hug scene between Loid and Anya. This kind of scene makes people feel very warm. The little Anya plunges into Loid’s arms, and the posture of hugging his father’s thigh is very well depicted, while Lloyd has the look of an overwhelmed first-time father.

The third one is the majestic “Rose Princess” Yor. The posture of lifting his legs and kicking is super cool, but the skirt blocks the crotch, which makes people feel a little puzzled.

Yor’s scene is still designed with depth,and the scene where the villain in the distant view can be kicked away looks very interesting!

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