Kama: So Attractive Body!

The brand& Ljstoy opened an order for Kama in FGO – lotus coming out of crystal-clear water. The works have the higher version with the base of lotus pond and the lower version without scenes. The main garment can be disassembled directly.

The work is a kneeling posture. From a positive perspective, a sexy body has excellent texture. The bellyband is translucent and cherry colored. The details that loom are tantalizing.

The golden petals of the bellyband cover the chest. Because of the size, we can still see it when we change the angle! Sexy curves are very exciting.

It’s also detachable. The skin under the bellyband is very nice!

Ljstoy’s face carving has its unique style. The ruby red pupils and pink cheeks are very lovely. The design of the mouth is very unique. It is painted in pink detail.

From behind, the buttocks are very full. Vacuum design has a strong visual impact!

Compared to the lower version, which only comes with cushions, the higher version adds the base of the lotus pond. It makes the work more gorgeous.

The water in the scene can reflect the beautiful posture. There is also a ripple around the edges of the figure.

Aquamarine water, lotus leaves and flowers around are exquisite. Higher version’ cost performance is very high!

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