HYO SLAM DUNK Sakuragi Hanamichi:The Rebounding King Who Dominates The Audience is Handsome!

After the release of Kaede Rukawa from the Slam Dunk series, HYO Studio has today released a statue of Sakuragi Hanamichi with a scale of 1/6. This statue chooses the aura of fighting for rebounds, and it will be very good to be placed with Kaede Rukawa, who breaks through the dribble.

The height of this Sakuragi Hanamichi statue is 50.6 cm, although the scale is 1/6 but the size is close to 1/4! The shape of stepping on the board and jumping high shows the absolute dominance of Sakuragi Hanamichi in rebounding, and the text on the platform looks full of aura.

Like Kaede Rukawa, this Sakuragi Hanamichi can also be seen with manga-style muscle shadow lines. The expression with his eyes fixed on the basketball and his mouth open and roaring is both vivid and restores the original comics.

The muscles on Sakuragi Hanamichi’s arms are depicted with a strong sense of strength, and even the fingernails can see the painting of the manga lines.

The dynamic of jumping high to grab the ball is portrayed very naturally. This Sakuragi Hanamichi and Kaede Rukawa also show dynamic, but they perfectly show their completely different styles.

The seiha that broke through the platform is the finishing touch, and it also makes this statue more handsome and gorgeous than Kaede Rukawa.

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