FAITH ART World of Warcraft: A Female Mage Wearing a Frostfire Set For T3, Not Only Is It Beautiful and Sexy, But It also Comes With Three Epic Staffs!

FAITH ART studio opened an order of a Human Female Mage wearing a Frostfire Set for T3, after the first statue of the bloodelf female Paladin with a ratio of 1/4 has just been shipped, its scene also comes with three epic staffs, and its many places can glow and be very beautiful and gorgeous.

The height of this female mage is 48 cm. Under the slim and ice-blue robe, it shows the graceful figure of a girl, and in the background of the magic kingdom of Dalaran, her elegant and charming temperament is further brought out.

Compared with the shape in the game, this statue will portray the figure more delicately, making her look more sexy and charming. In the Frostfire Set, more details have been dealt with, especially the hollow design of the waist and the black silk legs exposed under the skirt, which can be said to make people excited

The spar on her shoulder is painted in translucent color, and the gradient effect has a crystal like emerald texture. Under the smooth and gray-white hair, the girl’s delicate facial features and water-like expression are very eye-catching.

Against the snow-white skin and long hair, the female mage’s red lips are very plump and the cherry pink makeup on the eyes makes her more delicate. The rounded breasts and plump crotch are full of mature charm, so not only the overall shape is gorgeous, but also a bit elegant and sexy.

The light ball in the right hand of the mage can see the special effects of winding storm, and an artifact staff in the left hand is made of a large number of transparent parts. Under the light and shadow, the shiny texture is very beautiful.

The staff, decorated with hollow out and encased in crystals, is equipped with LEDs inside. When the LEDs are lit, the faint blue light emitted is both cold and full of mystery.

The Crystals of Dalaran Castle and the Violet logo on the platform have built-in light effects that can be lit up, and the scene will emit a soft lavender glow against the snow and ice.

The details of the steps and windows of the Dalaran Castle as the background are exquisitely portrayed, and the stone with a simple texture is engraved with a sense of history and beautiful patterns. When the LED is lit, the circular background in the window has the charm of magic floating in the air.

This statue comes with a total of three epic staffs that can be replaced, and comes with a staff holder, which can be placed next to the female mage alone.

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