Eikichi Onizuka: A handsome garage kit!

NOVA the day before yesterday launched a 12 inches Eikichi Onizuka of spicy teacher GTO. There are two head sculptures and modelling. Two dolls can be directly assembled by purchasing additional elements.

The first modelling is a teacher at school. He wore a white suit. The overall collocation is very simple and looks nostalgic in animation.

Accessories include the classic gestures of thumbs-up and scissor. Handsome head carving and dull eyes give people a sense of justice at first impression.

The head carving is rich in detail. The cartoon-like eyebrows, subtle double eyelids and confident eyes are all vividly depicted. There are also two tiny studs in the ears.

In addition to the suit look, he also has the bad boy look in overalls and flip flops!

The other head carving has a very aggressive expression. Holding a cigarette and raising one eyebrow is very vivid!

The accessory for delinquents is a sledgehammer. If NOVA will produce a 弹间龙二, the two works put together for the shape of鬼爆二人组 is very nice!

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