Dtalon Shuten-douji: In Luxury Residence, Sexy Maid Looks Very Seductive in Black Silk.

Dtalon Studio opened an order for a 1/6 scale of Shuten-douji statue wearing a maid costume in FGO. It is divided into a normal version and an expanded version with double pendulums. The sexy shape looks very seductive.

The height of this statue is 33 cm. The posture of kneeling on one knee on a leather chair and looking back is cute, provocative and ambiguous. The ultra-short maid skirt can only be used as a cosplay decoration, and the seductive hip line under the bow is very eye-catching.

The petite and slender figure is even more delicate and charming with the ruffles of the maid’s dress. The combination of thin waist, round hip line and lubricating black silk is very rich in visual layering.

The sweet and lovely face carving is very attractive, with a pair of long and narrow eyes, the shape of the two small tiger teeth and lotus fingers in the mouth is more like a loli with a sexy charm.

The black silk of this maid statue is painted very delicately and moistly, not only the legs are beautiful, but also the garter belt and patent leather high heels will make you feel tempted.

The thick sofa and the gorgeous floral platform in the scene are full of the temperament of old money,it is luxurious, low-key and simple. Moreover, there is a coquettish maid in the center of the picture, which makes people fantasize about the extravagant life of the rich family.

In addition to the normal version of the maid outfit, this expanded version of Shuten-douji also comes with nudes and leather chairs. If you get the expanded version, you can directly pose two Shuten-douji!

The body attached to the expanded version has been removed from the occlusion of key parts, and the fragrant maid skirt will be full of fun. I feel it is more exciting than full nudity. In addition, you can see the hair duster in Shuten-douji’s hand in the picture above. You will find that the bottom has uneven blue ball particles… I can’t help but sigh that rich people really know how to play.

The pants and garters have been removed. In the expanded version, you can see the skin from the gap of the bow behind you. The just-right size and the beautiful arc are worth seeing.

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