Clever modelling is very lovely!

Today, MoMo studio has opened an order for the last work Kamado Nezuko in The Beauty of Hanamachi series of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku-hen. So far, the 4 leading roles have all been released!

The work is 10 cm high. Lovely style in stark contrast to the other three beauties! The kneeling is very clever. The hair is very creative.

Pink pupils are moist and clear. The pink bow and kimono are very beautiful. The lovely shape is very vivid.

I don’t remember seeing Kamado Nezuko with a ponytail. MOMO’s design is wonderful. Wife no matter how to dress up all good-looking!

In addition to Kamado Nezuko, three other Beauty of Hanamachi can also continue to order at the store. Players who missed out can buy all four pieces together. It’s a very thoughtful design.

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