Cancer and Pisces, sex goddesses!

GKBOX’s forbidden cloth collection launches its fifth work today — Cancer and Pisces. Clothes can be put on and taken off. It limited the quantity of 288.

Cancer is different from the sullen character of original. She is very lively and lovely! Pisces is shaped like Venus. The watery hair and delicate roses are tempting.

The modelling of Cancer holding up her fingers and jumping is derived from sexjin megeha of Desmusk. I can’t relate a sexy and cute girl to a cold and scary girl…

On the platform of Cancer you can see the dead face and a number of sexjin megeha guided by using power.

Cancer’s floating ponytail is full of life as seen from behind. The sexy buttocks are also eye-catching. The clothes in this collection are detachable. I’m not going to show you in detail here.

Compared to the lively Cancer, Pisces is charming. Light blue hair and provocative expression more beautiful than Abrodi!

Stone carvings of mermaids and roses can be seen on the platform of Pisces. From behind, it is a pity that the long hair hides the buttocks. But sexy legs are still very attractive!

After this work, forbidden cloth only need 2 works to complete! This series of works is very distinctive. The studio will continue to launch other series.

By the way, here are the Taurus and Aries shipped just before the festival. Both the cost performance and the quality of the work are great. Those who like this series should be sure to pre-order the latest work.

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