Bojji of Ranking of Kings : This work perfectly restores the childlike fun in animation!

SHF recently released a 1/12 moving statue of The grand Prince Bojji from the popular animation Ranking of Kings. The work is simple but very cute. He can be paired with subsequent characters.

The work is only 9 centimeters high. He is a rare child figure in SHF. The shape of the round head is very cute. His smile was also very warm.

The head is much larger than the average 6-inch figure, which makes the expression of the work more vivid and lovely. Happy laughter and flustered looks are contagious.

Among the accessories are a serious duel face and a sword with a scabbard. He could pose as a sword draw and fencing

Another accessory is a wooden stick. This is the weapon used by Porgy in his duel with the second prince, Dada. From this point of view, SHF’s next game is definitely Dyda!

The duel between Porgy and Dada in the animation is really moving. Porgy has the upper hand from the beginning, but is warned by the Sword Master for not using a move that is not brave. Finally Porch is beat into the bun face that let a person very anxious…

There are four emojis for the accessory, but it is a pity that the injured face of being beaten is missing.

The final piece comes with a prince’s cape and his first best friend, Kage of the Shadows! Accessories are few but the whole work is warm and lovely. Those who like Ranking of Kings can consider buying it.

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