Ayanami Rei with long hair!

Bandai Namco’s Gasha Portraits PREMIUM Series today opened an order for a Ayanami Rei with long hair in Rebuild of Evangelion! This product is a box of 4, a total of 2 different styles.

The size of Gasha Portraits PREMIUM series is about 12.5cm high. Although it is a small proportion, but it is very rare long hair version and is well worth buying.

Ayanami Rei’s first look was slightly confused. There was a rare tenderness in his eyes. Her long hair, light blue, was very beautiful. She is full of the air of a mature woman.

Ayanami Rei holds a doll in her arms. There are 4 styles in a box of this product. Repeat items in the merchandise that you can sell to your friends or put in your car for display. The work is very cost-effective.

The expression and eyes of the second one are even colder. Mature style has a sexy body.

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