ASS Duel Monsters Blue-Eyes White Dragon:The Magical Style and The Strongest Legend

After all the Egyptian God in the Duel Monsters series have been released; ASS Studio has released a Blue-Eyes White Dragon statue with the same magical style today! According to the brand introduction, if you order three, you can receive three-dimensional cards, and the follow-up Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon has also announced the official pattern.

The height of this Blue-Eyes White Dragon is 50 centimeters, and the wingspan reaches 46 centimeters. A sterling silver coating exudes a dazzling metallic luster, which looks very domineering against the huge wings.

Like the Egyptian God of ASS Studio, this blue-eyed white dragon has added a lot of magic details on the basis of the original Duel Monsters. The skeletal breastplate, the wrinkled textured wings, and the alien-like skull with icy blue eyes look more like a real horror monster than the animation.

On the silvery fusiform skull, two lightning-shaped lines formed an angry expression. Rows of fine fangs can be seen in his slightly opened mouth, as well as the chilling gaze in his eyes, just by looking at each other, you can feel the terrifying strength of the legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

View from the rear, the huge wings are matched with the dancing long tail, and you can feel the air and the strong sense of movement when the blue-eyed white dragon spreads its wings and flies high.

After the release of this Blue-Eyes White Dragon, ASS studio also announced the official pattern of the upcoming Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. However, the total price of this work has not yet been released, and it is expected to be more expensive than Blue Eyes White Dragon. If you are interested, you can pre-order them together.

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