Arale the lucky cat: There are two colors to choose from.

Mascot opened an order for an Arale the lucky cat. The work is available in two colors. It limited the quantity of 268. The shape of the work is very cute.

The work is 18 cm high. The cat’s gloves and kimono look very creative. Her gold coins of ten thousand taels and golden bells are Japanese style. This reminds me of Arale, the god of wealth, introduced two days ago. Buying both together is a great choice!

The first is a red cushion version. Cherry blossom patterns can be seen on the mat. The red neckline has a vibrant fabric.

The expression of the work is vivid and lovely. And Kitty whiskers on each side of her cheeks!

The other is a pink version. Cushions and feather fabrics have been replaced with cherry blossom pink.

The style of this work is more romantic. Pink tonal also suits schoolgirl to collect.

From behind, we can see her cat’s tail! The tail and ears are also painted in yellow

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