Amuse Studio《Windy Desert Traveler》:The Hot Girl is Riding A Motorcycle In the Desert

Amuse Studio opened an order of an original design “Wind Desert Traveler” statue, the handsome and sexy motorcycle girl riding in the desert makes people feel amazing. This product is limited to 99 pieces and all of them are painted by the studio, the effect is worth looking forward to.

The proportion of this wind desert traveler is 1/7 and the height is 28.8 cm. The girl in the jacket rides on the desert motorcycle and looks very heroic, and the flying red braids and graceful body lines make people feel very eye-catching.

The mechanical sense of the motorcycle is very delicately portrayed, and the worn primer can be seen from the surface to give an old-fashioned effect. In addition, the lights are also built-in LED lights.

The face of the motorcycle girl is very cute and lovely, the transparent goggles on the face are detachable, the skull punk head pendant is worn around the neck, and the cat pattern on the shoulder of the jacket is very interesting.

The shape of this jacket makes her very handsome, and the details such as the girl’s fair waist and plump buttocks under the jacket are not to be missed!

In the side view, the leaning body design just perfectly highlights the girl’s waist curve. In addition to the charming buttocks, the socks and leather boots on the legs are also very delicate.

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