Who We Are?

About us

BoxGK is an Anime GK Statue shop based on favorite. The founder himself is a big liker of Japanese culture action figures, meanwhile, hopefully, most of you could get desired toys in a more convenient and correct way, that’s what this shop living for, for you for us.

What you will get

Benefit from the founder’s passion and comprehension for statues, we will supply you merchandise from more professional and reasonable-priced channels. It would be like finding your own kind in the universe, once you placed an order from BoxGK, without any concern just preparing to enjoy the happiness of having it soon.

What we can offer

You are leading to BoxGK due to the same hobby we have, which can scarcely be a coincidence. In return what we will do is to serve you the completed pre and post-sale service among each step, from first consulting to shipping process to any issues you want to solve, we will take carefully treat with every unit bought from us until you feel reassuring to have it.

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