【Exclusive Special】 SUN studio Little Son Goku & Shenron: the giant dragon that appears in the clouds is too handsome

Sun studio has released a statue of Little Son Goku and Shenron in “Dragon Ball” today. The shape of Little Son Goku riding a huge Shenron through the clouds makes this statue full of fantasy, but it is limited to 188 pieces.

The dragon in this statue appears at the top of the mist-shrouded mountains with lightning and thunder, and the dragon’s design not only shows its majesty and domineering, but also fits people’s traditional impression of dragons in Chinese stories.

The huge body of Shenron is in stark contrast with Little Son Goku. The mood of Little Son Goku riding on the head of the Shenron is full of excitement and curiosity. With the whistling of the Shenron, it is like riding a roller coaster through the layers of mountains and clouds.

Little Son Goku’s happy expression and Shenron’s domineering momentum show the story of a Chinese style adventure depicted in the early days of Toriyama Akira’s “Dragon Ball”, and the retro style full of childlike innocence should also be a childhood memory in the hearts of many players.

The facial expression details of the Shenron head are depicted very vividly and delicately. The brand will also increase the LED light on the eyes when the goods are in large quantities. The effect after the eyes are lit is quite worth looking forward to.

The Shenro’s body is completely hovered by the support of the cloud and fog special effects, which are also accompanied by the details of mountains and lightnings. This exquisite processing method gives a mysterious effect.

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